Rescue Education Center of Grupa Azoty

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The Rescue Education Center of Grupa Azoty (Polish abbreviation: CERGA) was established last year as a part of Company Fire Brigade at Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe “Puławy” S.A. Since then, CERGA has remained the first and only organization of the kind in the country. What does it do? How does it function? Here is some important information which sheds light on the activity of the Center.

Taking care of safety together

The activity of the Rescue Education Center of Grupa Azoty is a part of “Taking care of safety together” project. The main goal is supporting initiatives aiming at protecting the life, health, property and the environment. The tools include workshops, exercises and courses which make it possible to improve rescue skills. In order to participate in those courses, a fire officer needs to have graduated from the 5-month basic training organized by state institutions.

The activity of CERGA does not exclude cooperation with the State Fire Service. The Education Center is prepared to engage in all kinds of cooperation, exchange of experience and organization of particular training sessions.

We have already planned some activities in Q1 2015, including a series of one-day training sessions with a fitness test at the end of the day. Those sessions have been scheduled in Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY and Grupa Azoty SIARKOPOL.

Why was CERGA established?

Prevention is of great importance, and CERGA is meant to make is possible to improve further the solutions which make it possible to prevent fires and other dangerous occurrences at the workplace. Promotion of security and public health is also crucial. Thanks to the activity of CEGRA, we would like to overcome social stereotypes about the chemical industry. Those stereotypes might have a negative impact on the image of the chemical industry in Poland.

CERGA prepares and introduces new rescue techniques, which improve the efficiency of activities of various rescue teams. It is our goal to raise qualifications and perfect the skills of the staff who are responsible for implementing the tasks connected with chemical and fire protection on a daily basis.