Recovered water

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We have written about scientists from Vermont, who have prepared the method of sourcing substances useful in the production of fertilizers from human urine. Their colleagues from University of Michigan launched a research project aiming at re-using of substances contained in manure.

Time for recycling

Using the processes connected with anaerobic digestion, they recovered water from the waste which animals did not fully digest. This water can be re-used to water the same animals. The recovered water constitutes as much as 90% of the content of this manure, so it is evident that implementing this method on a wide scale might bring tangible benefits for the farmers.

Water availability

While Europe and the USA enjoy sufficient water supply, many African and Asian countries have difficulties with providing adequate access to water. This is why methods which will make it possible to use the mechanism tested by researchers from Michigan could improve the quality of work for many individual farmers in the areas affected by drought. At present, agricultural manufacturers from Africa and Asia have trouble both with the inadequate quantity of water and its insufficient availability. The system of water recovery is to be ready for commercial application at the end of 2014.