PUŁAWY together with Sarzyna?

| Prospects & Investment |

Azoty Group “PUŁAWY” is interested in buying a majority stake in Organika – Sarzyna, a company which now belongs to Ciech Capital Group. We submitted a conditional bid regarding this transaction a few days ago.

Expansion in various directions

Implementing a strategy of diversifying product portfolio and expansion of the products and distribution base, “PUŁAWY” has proposed to acquire 98.85% shares of Organika – Sarzyna, a manufacturer of pesticides. The offer is another move towards strengthening of our position on the markets. Previously, due to similar reasons, takeovers of GZNF “Fosfory” and Azoty-Adipol were finalized.

A favorable coincidence

The plans announced by “PUŁAWY” coincide with the intentions of Grupa Ciech management, who are withdrawing from activity in the sector of organic chemical products. In the case of our company, Organika–Sarzyna may considerably help develop the portfolio of Azoty Group “PUŁAWY”. This is possible thanks to the fact that Organika–Sarzyna possesses the patent for MCPA, a combination of two active substances used in plant protection processes.

A takeover of Organika-Sarzyna is a significant step towards providing even more comprehensive customer service by “PUŁAWY”. The global economic crisis motivates us to explore new markets in a more intensive manner and to increase our portfolio.