“PUŁAWY” stock up and rising

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The situation on domestic fertilizers market is good. As usual, the first quarter is a low-season period, when the company focuses on scheduled reviews, repairs and modernization projects. Consequently, the financial results in this quarter are lower than in the following months, when the company is preparing for the season.

The next gear

Revenue for the first quarter of financial year 2012/2013 was 6.7% higher than in the same period in the previous year. This figure was 878 million PLN, as compared to 821 million PLN in the first quarter 2011/2012. 50% of the revenue was generated by sales to domestic clients. We are also active on EU market, in the USA and in the East, i.e. in Russia and the Far East.

Business achievements

The sources of company revenue are diversified. Owing to the current situation on the chemical and fertilizers markets, good turnover is possible thanks to high demand for agricultural segment products, i.e. ammonium sulphate and ammonia. We are the biggest producer of those substances in Poland. “PUŁAWY” is also the 3rd manufacturer of melamine in the world (covering 7% of global demand and 19% of European demand). Among products outside the fertilizers segment, we ought to mention caprolactam, peroxide compounds (hydrogen peroxide) and technical gases (e.g. liquid nitrogen and compressed hydrogen).

Manufacturing ought to be diversified

Thanks to diversified production of fertilizers and chemical substances and to the constantly rising prices of fertilizers, our Company is likely to strengthen its leading position in the Great Chemical Synthesis sector, both on domestic and international market. Further benefits for “PUŁAWY” are expected once the prices of natural gas fall. Decrease in price of this fuel, essential in the manufacturing process, is expected for industrial clients. “PUŁAWY” has also launched efforts to diversify the sources of natural gas supply, which also might bring savings.