Puławy sportspeople still in the game

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“PUŁAWY” are happy about the achievements of swimmer Konrad Czerniak and await new successful tournaments. We are also satisfied about the shape of Wisła Puławy Club. And what will 2013 bring for our sportspeople?

Czerniak’s performance in the last season could have been better, but the swimmer is in high spirits. He admits that he and his coach took an experimental approach at this time, which resulted in various results at tournaments. Despite successes in 2012 (8 gold medals at Palma de Mallorca and 3 from Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski), Czerniak is planning to try even harder. In winter he adopted an rigorous and demanding training schedule. This is not surprising as the swimmer sponsored by “PUŁAWY” is preparing for World Championships organized on 19 July – 4 August 2013 in Barcelona.

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The footballers of Wisła Puławy managed to finish the season in a high, fifth position in table II of the Eastern League. This is just the warm-up, however. According to the club manager Grzegorz Nowosadzki, the team ought to improve on this result in the next season. To this end, transfers of new players are planned. It has already been agreed to take on Łukasz Giza, a player well-known in Puławy. The details of talks with other players will be made public on January 8th. Coaching staff do not wish to redesign the team overnight, but build up its strength gradually, mainly through employing their own pupils. In the log run as many Puławy natives as possible ought to play in the first team. Also, talks are due to begin concerning further cooperation between the Club and “PUŁAWY”, the main sponsor of “Wisła”.