Puławy Power Plant – towards energy self-sufficiency

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Puławy Power Plant is one of the flagship investments of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY. It has recently been granted the environmental decision, which is a prerequisite for obtaining the construction permit, and therefore is constitutes a milestone on the investment’s timeline.

A 1.1 billion PLN project

The construction of the new plant is an investment worth 1.1 billion PLN. The budget will enable the company to erect a modern, low-emission and waste-free facility powered with natural gas and generating 400 Mwe of electricity. Coupled with the existing hard coal installation, the new plant is going to make Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY fully independent of external power supply. Excess electricity may be sold to other enterprises on a commercial basis.

Modern technology

The decision to opt for natural gas stems from the recent downward trend of crude oil prices – a similar trend in gas pricing is a result. What is more, the LNG terminal in Świnoujście, which is due to be completed, will help diversify gas supply sourcing and reduce prices. Thanks to the recent agreement with Iran, the embargo on resources from the country has also been lifted. According to statistics published by British Petroleum, Iran boasts the highest proven reserves of natural gas. When the country returns to trading on the international market, it will contribute to further fall in prices. Also, with the open natural gas market in Europe, strict reliance on supplies from the East is a thing of the past. Grupa Azoty takes full advantage of the new opportunities and it sources as much as 40% of the natural gas required by the company from outside the traditional supply system.

Benefits for the region

The region is going to benefit from the construction of the facility in many ways. About a thousand staff will be required to build Puławy Power Plant, and 40-60 new jobs will be created when the new installation is launched. Thanks to using natural gas as the fuel, CO2 emissions will be reduced, improving the quality of the air the local inhabitants breathe. The company will pay the due taxes locally, boosting the revenue of Gmina Puławy, while the local community will enjoy a reliable supply of electricity.