“PUŁAWY” merger getting closer

The process of Azoty Tarnów and “PUŁAWY” Company consolidation continues. The European Commission is currently analyzing the opinions of business competitors about the possible merged enterprise.

What does the competition say?

The EC has sent out inquiries to consumer rights watchdogs in the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania and Slovakia. Two institutions have sent back an approving opinion, and the other two have chosen not to provide an answer. Similar questionnaires are sent to domestic competitors from the fertilizers sector. Those activities are seen as important by the Commission because of the competition protection of the EU economy. Motivation of other companies is also analyzed closely: Do the competitors truly expect an infringement of fair competition rules following the merger or are they simply interested in hampering the development of companies which seek a merger?

chemistry/fot. freepik.comChemistry is the strategic sector

Because of the vast quantities of gas used, the Great Chemical Synthesis companies belong to enterprises of strategic importance for the national economy. Upon the conclusion of the merger, the new Group will use 3 billion m3 of this fuel annually. Thanks to the planned reduction of the price by 3.3% as of January 2013, “PUŁAWY” should save c. 40 million PLN per year. Those savings might be used for the facilitation of synergistic effects and making the new Group more competitive on the domestic and European market.