“PUŁAWY” is the foundation of Grupa Azoty!

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In 2013 the revenue from sales in Grupa Azoty reached 9.8 billion PLN, the net profit – 714 million PLN and EBIT profit – 703 million PLN. Financial results improved in comparison with 2012 thanks to a few one-off deals worth 469 million PLN.

If this source of income was not taken into consideration, consolidated net profit would reach 245 million PLN, or less than in 2012. The drop resulted from a more challenging situation in key segments of the chemical market.

A positive trend in chemistry

In 2013 the chemical division generated almost 2.4 billion PLN in revenue from sales and EBITDA margin of 3%. Despite the fact that the revenue had risen by 60%, EBITDA margin could not be improved because of the falling prices of resources (OXO alcohol, pigments and plasticizers) and decreased as well. The rising prices in the chemical sector brought benefits to Our Company in the melamine trade sector. Falling prices of resources, including ilmenite and titanium slag used for Titanium White production, also proved favorable for the chemical sector.

Fluctuations on resources market

2013 was difficult in the plastics segment, especially if caprolactam is considered. Increased pricing pressure resulting from changes on the market, with China taking over the leadership in caprolactam production, brought about market surplus. This resulted in falling prices of caprolactam and poliamides.

High share of “PUŁAWY”

“PUŁAWY” had a high share in the consolidated revenue from sales of Grupa Azoty in 2013, generating one third of the figure! At the same time, the net profit of Our Works was 305 million PLN, while the revenue from sales was almost 3.8 billion PLN!