“PUŁAWY” invests in development

| Prospects & Investment |

On July 8th three new investments, worth 460 million PLN in total, were officially finalized in Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”. One of them is flue-gas desulfurisation plant using wet scrubbing with ammonia – the first such in Europe and third one in the world.

Recycling of sulfur

Thanks to making use of a very innovative method, the investment will reduce the emission of pollutants from the heat and power plant. The installation is so efficient, that the reduction of harmful gases is expected to reach 80%! Ammonium sulfate, the byproduct of the reaction, is going to be used for the production of sulfur-based fertilizers. This is how “PUŁAWY” has replied to the market demand for substances enriched with this element.

New Fertilizer Complex

The other two finalized investment projects in the Company are an installation for the manufacturing of liquid fertilizers containing sulfur (PULASKA®, RSM®S) and New Logistics Center for fertilizers in granules. It has been equipped with a new packing room (with total packing capacity of over 240 tonnes/hour) and a warehouse (capacity of housing 13,000 tonnes of fertilizers). Both have been constructed as parts of the New Fertilizer Complex.

Not only “PUŁAWY”

Investments are also conducted in other plants belonging to Grupa Azoty. The full official launch of a line for the production of stearin in Azoty-Adipol (Chorzów) is due in September. The Works in Kędzierzyn-Koźle are preparing for the modernization of urea and OXO installation and for the construction of a new heat and power plant. Changes are also scheduled in Police, where urea and ammonia production lines are to be modernized. Tarnów Works are to modernize the caprolactam processing installations and to expand composites manufacturing capacity.