“PUŁAWY” in a prestigious index

| Prospects & Investment |

WIGdiv is an ellite index comprised of 30 dividend-paying companies and published by Warsaw Stock Exchange. After the latest update of the index, the management of WSE has informed that our company has appeared on the list. We are on the 14th place.

Another point worth noting is the fact that we are the only company representing the chemical sector listed on the index. Also, our Company have managed to achieve a higher position than such companies as Budimex (16th place), Agora (20th place) or Śnieżka (24th place).


WIGdiv comprises companies which form WIG20, mWIG40 and sWIG80 market indexes, which have paid out a dividend to the shareholders at least three times over the past five years, and whose dividends have had the highest value in proportion to the price of the stock.

Thanks to the decision of the Warsaw Stock Exchange to create such an index, WIGdiv might become a major tool for investors. Additionally, “dividend-paying” companies are considered more stable by market analysts. This makes them likely to become an object of interest for e.g. investment funds.


Over the six years leading up to 2010, the total value of the stock of the companies from WIGdiv index had increased by 96 percent on average. The total rate of return, which includes the value of dividends which had been paid out, amounts to 124 percent.

Since the IPO of our Company (2005/2006), the company has regularly made a net profit and shared this capital with the shareholders. This means that we have been following the principle of balanced profit-sharing policy. We are striving to take care of the interest of shareholders as well as the financial needs of the company and the staff which has worked for this profit


Another good piece of information is that due to the merger of the Companies in Puławy and Tarnów, the consolidated chemical company is able to enter WiG20 index. Experts believe that is ought to attract interest of the investors on the WSE and make a difference for the total estimation of the value of the Group.