“PUŁAWY” globally and locally

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Business development on a few continents is not the only aspect of “PUŁAWY” activity. In its daily work, the company also takes care of the local community. We are deeply involved in all aspect of life in our local homeland.

Work towards sustainable development is not only visible in sponsoring actions for educational, cultural and sports activities, on which we spent over 6 million PLN in 2012. It is also an effort to ensure protection of the natural environment, health and the development of “PUŁAWY” via new initiatives joining the realms of business and science.

At the end of the year “PUŁAWY” distributed small Christmas gifts among local inhabitants. Readers of “Kurier Lubelski” received reusable bags with the slogan “Acting globally, feeling locally”, while the readers of “Dziennik Wschodni” were given calendars for 2013. The calendars were illustrated with pictures taken by the photographers of the daily, who captured snapshots of everyday activities, showing the unique aspect of seemingly common moments. This theme was chosen as the motif of the collection, so as to highlight the involvement of “PUŁAWY” in “local feeling”, which enables the company to be successful on a global scale.

“PUŁAWY” is one of the biggest employers in the region, taking on around a hundred new staff annually and with c. 1500 job applications in its database. “Acting globally, feeling locally” is the mission statement, which the company is keen on fulfilling.