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Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” S.A. allocates a large share of its resources to investments which aim at fulfilling EU regulations with regard to being environmentally-friendly. However, we do not neglect the essence of our functioning – finding out about our clients’ needs and responding to them adequately.

Developing modern technologies

Profound changes have taken place on the Polish agricultural market in the last years, resulting in a diversification of the level of development of particular farms. Bearing in mind the fact that we simplify the situation to some extent, we may generalize that farms in the North and the West of the country are becoming larger and better managed. By contrast, agriculture in South-Eastern Poland remains traditional. Differences stem from historical background, geographical factors, as well as weather and soil conditions. Farmers are becoming more and more educated and they are using better and better equipment, and farm management tools. We are hoping to become a part of this trend via the activity of “Puławy” Competences Center, which gives access to knowledge, making it possible to improve the efficiency of fertilizer use, in order to optimize crops.

Improving our products

Conducting research in cooperation with R&D institutions, “PUŁAWY” may react to demand of agricultural clients, which results partly from weather and soil conditions. Our efforts result in modernized formulas of fertilizers, which are enriched in such elements as magnesium or sulphur. Those elements have become deficient in soil, but they are indispensable for crop cultivation. Moreover, existing products are put to new use. Urea serves as an example – it has been used as a fertilizer, but now is increasingly used for nitrogen oxides reduction, for example in cars and in cement factories.

Mineral fertilizer as a cost for the farmer

Fertilizers are always an additional cost for the farmer, and therefore it is vital to apply them reasonably. We are fully aware of the fact that fertilizer price may give rise to discussion. However, domestic manufacturers may compete with imported fertilizers up to the moment when the retail price reaches a low which undermines the profitability of fertilizer production.
Quality and close relations with clients are our priorities. Those values are implemented through systematic improvement of the availability of our products, supported by know-how made available to the clients. We are interested in developing the potential of Polish agricultural manufacturers and their market successes. This is confirmed by the dynamics of growth of Polish agricultural produce exportation.