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The 9th edition of “Precision Farming in Poland – Today and Tomorrow” Conference took place on January 27th and 28th, 2015 in Kamień Śląski. The event was attended by the representatives of “Puławy” Competences Center, Professor Janusz Igras and Zenon Pokojski Ph.D. As usual, the conference organized by Agrocom Polska and Class Polska attracted the leading Polish agricultural manufacturers, scientists and representatives of companies which provide products for agricultural activity.

Technological progress that helps agriculture

Contemporary agriculture is far more than various technological novelties, such as automated production, monitoring and watering systems. Changes also concern appropriate dosages of fertilizer and pesticides and the plantation itself, which requires constant observation and care. The participants of this year’s conference have spoken about those and other aspects of agricultural production. Professor Ryszard Hołownicki from the Research Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice believes that “precision farming involves varied use of fertilizers and pesticides, diversified sowing, and various density of sowing customized to local conditions”. The use of modern technologies turns out to be very important, as they enable to work without the need for a human operator and help to optimize the activities on the plantation.

In the opinion of Professor Janusz Igras, “we need to seek such methods, both concerning the tools and the application methods, which help to pick the appropriate dosage of nutrients”. Dr Zenon Pokojski drew our attention to the participation of companies, representatives of the agricultural sector and the farmers themselves in conferences of this kind. In his opinion, “Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY provides benefits for the Polish farmers, and it is directly interested in taking part in agricultural advisory services, which allow to guide the users how to make the best use of the fertilizers”.

Cooperation of science, business and agriculture

The representatives of “Puławy” Competences Center focused their talk on the opportunities and perspectives of growth of Polish agriculture in the near future. Their presentation made frequent references to the contents of “25 Years of Polish Agriculture. Food Security in Europe” Report.

Professor Igras said that “Polish agriculture has made considerable progress, both with reference to production methods and profitability, as well as the natural environment”. He believed that Polish agriculture was an innovative sector, using novel production methods, while the agricultural manufacturers have shown considerable interest in expanding their knowledge and gaining new competences.

In the opinion of Dr Zenon Pokojski, “the Polish agricultural manufacturers gain increasing knowledge about farm management, the importance of agricultural advisory services is growing, and there is the trend towards sustainable farming and precision farming”.

Increasing importance of precision farming

The farmers themselves recognize the value of precision farming for their businesses. Arkadiusz Jakubowski, a farmer from Chodzież in Wielkopolska region, thinks that “adopting the methods of precision farming is another step helping to increase the profitability of agricultural production constantly”.

Moderation is an essential element of precision farming. The Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp, an early advocate of hydrotherapy, phytotherapy and rational nutrition, summed up this approach well: “Moderation is what order depends on (…) each excess and each shortage leads to illnesses rather than good health”.