Puławy Competence Center celebrates its anniversary!

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It has been five years since beginning of the annual cycle of the “Science – Business – Agricultrure” conferences. This is the time of highly development of Puławy Competence Center activities. Gaining many new consortium members and implementing a number of new projects strengthened Center’s position among leading institutions linking potential of science and business.

What has been achieved?

The Center was established in 2011 and it’s guiding idea from the beginning was promoting and developing Polish agriculture. That is why the consortium took the form of a platform where information and experiences of agricultural entrepreneurs advisors, research institutes and representatives of business could be exchanged. Since 2011 the Center has been very active in all these areas.

The reasons to be proud of includes extensive publications, like issued under honorary patronage of Polish President in 2014 Report “25 years of Polish agriculture. Food security in Europe” and growing interest in “Science – Business – Agriculture” conference. The list of successes includes initiation of postgraduate studies “Trading in fertilizers and crop protection chemicals in sustainable agriculture”, organized in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

The broad spectrum of consortium members

Puławy Competence Center associate twelve entities. Their mutually overlapping competences lead to synergistic activities which increase effectiveness of the Center. Apart from Azoty Group these are: Maria – Skłodowska University in Lublin, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, New Chemical Syntheses Institute, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – State Research Institute in Puławy, Polish Association of Rapeseed Producers and Protein Plants, National chemical – Agricultural Station, National Federation of Crops Producers, The National Association of Sugar Beet growers, Polish Lime Association, Intermag Ltd., ADOB. All above entities are actively engaged in the Center’s activities and in their daily activities they seek to carry out its statutory objectives.

Vision of the future

Activities of the Puławy Competence Center were summed up during the 8th Congress of Chemical Technology in Rzeszów by Zenon Pokojski Ph. D., who stressed that “The Center was established so that business and science meet and communicate with final customers. Without this, business will not be able to prepare good offer which should bring advantages to recipient.”

At present Puławy Competence Center is working on the next edition of the “Science – Business – Agriculture” conference and the second edition of the report entitled “Poland as an attractive producer and food supplier”.