“PUŁAWY”, China and caprolactam

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Caprolactam is an intermediate chemical product useful in the production of a number of construction plastics and nylon fibers. This explains why it is one of important import goods for the Chinese market.

Caprolactam from “PUŁAWY”

Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” is capable of manufacturing 70,000 tonnes of caprolactam per year. As a result, we are a leading manufacturer of this compound. It is manufactured basing on a Polish license and 35 years of experience our Company has gained in the sector. This is why “PUŁAWY” is a well-known and respected provider of caprolactam on a global scale.

Chinese market

Demand for caprolactam is constantly growing in China. While 3 years ago this one country bought up 25% of the global caprolactam production volume, this value is forecast to reach 40% in 2015. Consequently, the Chinese market is crucial for European manufacturers, including “PUŁAWY”. In 2011 as much as 5% of caprolactam imports came from Poland. However, China is struggling towards self-sufficiency in manufacturing of the compound, so as to satisfy as much as 80% of demand using domestic production.

Activity of “PUŁAWY”

Seeing that caprolactam market is changing dynamically, Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” is striving to remain very active both with respect to production and trade, but also on the forum of international organizations of chemical companies. We belong to China International Polyamide & Intermediate Forum and Nylon Promotional Group 6, the global associations of caprolactam and polyamide manufacturers. Owing to membership in international bodies and activities aimed at boosting manufacturing efficiency, “PUŁAWY” remains an important player on caprolactam market and a serious trade partner for Chinese companies.