Promising perspectives of EU wheat sales

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The European Commission had presented the forecast concerning the international trade of cereals. By June 2015, the Member States are going to export as much as 30 million tonnes of wheat.

Favorable conditions

The European Commission forecasts steady sales of wheat to countries outside the EU, with expected export to remain on the same level as in June 2014 (29.99 million tonnes). The European agricultural manufacturers benefit from the falling exchange rate of EUR to USD, as well as from the uncertain situation on the Ukrainian and Russian markets. Due to the ongoing conflict, the Ukrainian hryvnia and the Russian ruble lose value, which makes export of wheat unprofitable for the local businesses which used to sell abroad.

Important clients

Wheat manufacturers from the EU have also benefited from being close neighbors of African states, in particular the North African countries. For example, France and Romania are the leaders of winning tenders for the supply of wheat to Egypt, the largest importer of this cereal in the world. Poland, which used to export large quantities of wheat to Germany, has now made Africa a new trade destination. In the first quarter of 2014, almost 50% of Polish export of the grain was shipped to this continent. Thanks to competitive pricing, Poland gained a 12% share in the supplies of cereals from EU to East Africa in 2013.