Priorities for the new European Parliament

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Apart from organizational tasks, such as electing Members to the most important positions in the European Parliament, and appointing the European Commission, the new Members of the European Parliament face important challenges regarding energy policy and environmental protection.

Climate for development or development for the climate?

Finding balance between these two values appears to be crucial for the functioning of the European industry, especially in the context of the planned Free Trade Agreement between the EU and the USA. It is necessary to reformulate the energy and climate policy, so that it increases the competitive capacities of European enterprises in market competition with companies from countries which do not impose such strict regulations as in the EU, for example concerning the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, Member States have to show solidarity and act towards the integration of energy supply, both with regard to legal solutions and infrastructure. This has become evident during the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Speaking in one voice

The areas mentioned above are important starting points for the discussion on the shape of the foreign policy of the European Union. If the organization delegates its High Representative, she needs to be able to express the real, uniform opinion of the European Union. Especially when she is speaking about issues which are crucial for EU development and functioning, such as energy and food supply safety or the international trade.