Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Puławy

| Prospects & Investment |

On July 24th Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” welcomed Prime Minister Donald Tusk. The visit in our Works was a key element of Prime Minister’s stay in Lublin region.

Investment is the reply to a crisis

PM Tusk inspected the results of investment projects completed in PUŁAWY in recent months. The total value of investments which have been officially finalized is about 360 million PLN. Three new installations were launched in mid-July. The most expensive out of the three is the flue-gas desulfurization plant. Owing to implementing the latest technology, the installation will enable to gain 40,000 tonnes of ammonium sulphate per year. The second investment is a liquid fertilizers plant with annual output capacity of 190,000 tonnes. The third novelty is a modern logistics center, which will constitute a part of a new plant producing granulated fertilizers with added sulfur.

The Prime Minister was impressed by the progress-oriented projects finalized in PUŁAWY. A quick reminder: over the last 5 years the value of all investments in new installations and modernization of the existing ones exceeded 1,2 billion PLN!

Development of “PUŁAWY” and economic growth

PM Tusk believes that the impressive volume of investments serves as a proof that the Company is developing in a dynamic manner. In Prime Minister’s opinion, we may also take pride in the fact that the growth of Works’ manufacturing capacity is accompanied by attention to the needs of the natural environment surrounding the town of Puławy.

Our Guest was confident that the investments run by the Company trigger an improvement of the economic situation in Poland and directly reduce the unemployment rate in Lubelskie voivodeship. Over 3300 people are employed by Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”, meaning that one fifth of workforce in the town of Puławy belong to this one Company staff!

“PUŁAWY” – a dynamic Company

The Prime Minister approved of the fact that since “PUŁAWY”‘s debut on Warsaw Stock Exchange, the Company has paid out a dividend to shareholders every year. In Mr. Tusk’s view, this serves as a proof of a well-considered strategy of participation in the stock market as well as a confirmation that the Company in attractive for all shareholders. The Prime Minister stressed the benefits of close cooperation of the Company, scientists and farmers, especially within the activity of “PUŁAWY” Competences Center.

At the end of his visit in the Works, Donald Tusk participated in a press conference. He focused on the reasons for visiting Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY”, and replied to journalists’ questions about the current political and economic situation in Poland.