Power plant will prevent energy poverty

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The values of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY include considering the impact of the company on the society, the environment, as well as ambitious business targets. In order to ensure energy supply safety to Azoty in Puławy, Puławy Power Plant aims at reducing energy access deprivation in the region.

Puławy Power Plant is active in the community

Before Christmas, LED bulbs were lit in the homes of 187 families in Puławy region. Thanks to using energy-saving light sources, a household may save up to 400 PLN per year on electricity bills. “Light-smart family” is a campaign by Puławy Power Plant targeted at families in need, which may be unable to afford to pay electricity bills. All the social care institutions in Puławy region joined the campaign and helped to identify families in need and look into their lightning fittings. Elmax, a wholesaler of electrical goods, joined the campaign and took charge of distributing the bulbs, but without including any own margin in the price.

”Light-smart family” involves the fitting of energy-saving light sources in households which are likely to suffer from energy supply deprivation. Prices of energy in Poland are high in comparison with other European countries, and they are to increase further, which is bound to impact the society. The most numerous households, those with many children in particular, are the most vulnerable. More and more families Poland find it hard to pay their energy bills due to the rising cost of electricity, low energy efficiency of buildings as well as modest income of the households.

Taking care of energy efficiency

Puławy Power Plant is already taking small steps to counteract energy supply deprivation in its vicinity. 1744 bulbs and 100 desk lamps were distributed among 187 families in Puławy region. At least 5 bulbs are used in a detached house every day, and they are lit for 6-8 hours on average. The mean cost of electricity in households is about 0,60 PLN per kWh (kilowatt-hour). 1 kWh = 1000 W used per hour. If we use 5 bulbs and replace 25 W conventional bulbs with energy-saving LED sources that consume 3 watts, we will save about 200 PLN per year. If the old bulbs consumed even more energy, the savings would be even more impressive.

Energy poverty is a new term in Poland, yet to be defined precisely. The British definition encompasses households which need to spend over 10% of their income to cover their basic demand for energy.