Potential of the forests 

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A couple of days ago, almost 2,000 people showed up in response to an invitation of Foresters from Gdańsk area. They organized an event called Plant a forest for the next 90 years.Whole families, assisted by experienced staff, planted 44,000 trees to restore 5 hectares of a forest to good condition.

Polish woods in good shape

Contrary to some unconfirmed information, the proportion of Polish territory covered by forests is not diminishing. Since 1945 the area of woods in Poland has grown by 9%. This rise has also resulted from social campaigns, of which the event organized by Foresters from Pomorze is an example, and from the support of national and local authorities.

Underestimated riches

The United Nations believes that forests are one of the crucial elements of the economy. In Poland woods play a crucial role in the absorption of carbon dioxide. They can cope with over 900 million tonnes of carbon! Trees are excellent at capturing the gases from the atmosphere (National Forest Administration believes that one hectare of woods absorbs 21.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases).