Polska Chemia 2014 Congress

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Polska Chemia 2014 Congress was held on June 12th and 13th, 2014 in Puławy Science and Technology Park. The event is a new initiative by the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry. The aim of the meeting is to provide a platform for the exchange of opinion, and build the strategy for the chemical industry in Poland.

Special guests

The presenters and the participants of the Congress included representatives of the largest chemical companies from Poland and Europe. The special guests at the event were the Minister of Treasury Włodzimierz Karpiński and Kurt Bock Ph.D, the Chairman of BASF SE and of the European Council of Chemical Industry. The Minister of Treasury participated in the second strategic debate about the need for innovation in Polish and European industry.
– It is necessary to look for competitive advantages. Once we have used up such options as simple capital accumulation and acquisitions, we need to promote intelligent solutions. This is also what the European Union is betting on, at least with respect to the Polish economy – said Włodzimierz Karpiński.

Competitive edge and distribution

Seven discussion sessions were held on the first day. The topics concerned issues which are important for the economy: competitiveness and distribution of chemical products, as well as using technology and energy in the manufacturing processes. The debate which proved particularly important concerned the situation of the Polish chemical sector in the context of the condition of the whole industry in the European Union. Synthos Chairman Tomasz Kalwat stressed the fact that there are stricter regulations concerning EU companies, in comparison with international companies that also produce and sell chemical products.

At the end of the first day of the Congress, an outdoor presentation about chemical safety was held, with a show of rescue and fire extinguishing action by the Fire Brigade.

Visit to the production plant

Five discussion sessions and a visit to Our Works were scheduled on the second day of the Congress. During the panel discussion session, Kurt Bock presented his views. In the opinion of BASF SE Chairman, the force fueling the chemical sector is not regulations but innovations, which are often connected with the necessity of taking business risk.