Polish countryside becoming more and more modern!

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Latest demographic data concerning Polish agriculture has been published. Almost 500,000 thousand workers have abandoned this sector of the economy in the past 10 years.

Technological progress on Polish farms

Specialists agree that the chief reason for the fall of agricultural employment is an increase in the use of machines in activities on the farms and general technological progress in the countryside. Authors of the report published by Central Statistical Office (GUS) have drawn attention to the fact that the number of people employed in the agricultural sector was 1,820,000 at the end of Q1 2013, whereas one year before there had been 84,000 more people in this group. The drop was considerable indeed.

Efficient farming

Poland joining the European Union and the launch of subsidies system gave farmers access to financial means for modernizing their businesses. Machines have made agricultural practice more efficient, and helped reduce emplacement cost as modern equipment replaced tasks previously done manually.

Forecast for the coming years

Experts are confident that the fall in the number of farm workforce is good news for the national economy, as Polish agricultural sector remains heavily overstaffed. Although data from recent years has proven that efficiency in the sector is on the rise, it remains on a relatively low level, especially as compared to the “old EU” countries’ average. It is therefore most likely that over the next decade on the one hand agricultural employment will continue to decrease, while on the other most farms will be becoming more and more efficient.