Polish chemistry marching forward

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Azoty Group is the second largest manufacturer of fertilizers in Europe. Such a strong position stems from carefully thought out activities concerning the modernization of the existing installations and the construction of new ones. Chemistry is thus becoming a strategic segment of the Polish economy.

The chemical sector in democratic Poland

For nearly 20 years, various state-owned chemical companies functioned in Poland, offering similar products. However, they did not cooperate as a group and failed to leverage their full potential on the market. Commercialization of a few such chemical companies was unsuccessful, as the investors preferred to locate production in countries with access to sources of cheap natural gas.

Polish chemistry marching forward/fot. photopin.comA second option

Instead of continuing efforts to privatize companies, it was decided to restructure the existing state enterprises and consolidate their assets. The first step was the purchase of a majority stake in Nitrates Works Kędzierzyn-Koźle in 2010 by Nitrates Works Tarnów. In 2011 Tarnów bought Police Chemical Works PLC. As a result, Azoty Group gained an attractive plant located close to the coastline, and also a modern ammonia production line. It is no longer necessary to import ammonia.

Key merger

The process of consolidation of Polish chemical companies did not stop there. By decision of the Minister of Treasury, activities were launched leading to a merger of Azoty Group Tarnów and “PUŁAWY” Company, a leading manufacturer of not only fertilizers, but also caprolactam and melamine. EU regulatory bodies voiced no objections, and at the beginning of 2013 the two companies united on equal footing under Azoty Group brand.