Polish Chemistry Congress 2015 has finished

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The second edition of Polish Chemistry Congress was held on June 11-12th, 2015 in Puławy Science-Technology Park. The most important event in the chemical industry in Poland was attended by over 400 delegates, including representatives of the leading chemical enterprises in the country, politicians and business experts.
Grupa Azoty was the Strategic Partner and the host of the event.

The chemical industry in Puławy

This year’s event can be summed up as follows: two days of interesting debates, discussion panels and meetings, tens of speakers, and plenty of opportunities to exchange opinion. During Polish Chemistry Congress 2015, Puławy became the center of discussion about the future of the chemical business.

The Congress was inaugurated by Paweł Jarczewski, the Chairman of the Board of Grupa Azoty. He said that Polish chemistry had become a business that was international, developed fast, invested in innovation and specialization. In his opinion, “in Poland there is scope for chemical business with global potential and outstanding product portfolio”.

The needs of the chemical industry

Innovation in Polish industry was the main topic of the Congress. On the second day, a debate was held about “Innovation – the needs of the chemical industry”. Its participants included Zenon Pokojski Ph.D., the Vice Chairman of the Board of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY and Professor Jan Kurzydłowski, the Director of the National Center for Research and Development, and they discussed the main impulse for efficiency growth in the chemical business, namely the cooperation of business and science with a strong basis in innovation. This kind of cooperation is doable and can be very efficient, as evidenced by the activity of Puławy Science-Technology Park.

Just as the first edition of the Congress, the second one was organized by the Polish Chamber of the Chemical Industry.