Polish chemical industry is entering a period of growth

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An experts’ debate “Investments of chemical companies – the needs and the possibilities” was held in Warsaw last week. The discussion, which was organized by Polish Press Agency, concerned the current situation in the chemical sector, the potential directions of growth of this sector of the Polish economy, and the financing of current and planned investments. Grupa Azoty was one of the supporting partners of the debate.

Upward trend

Optimistic conclusions from the discussion confirm recent analysis, which forecast years of dynamic growth for the domestic chemical industry. We need to keep in mind the constantly improving trade balance in this sector of the economy, and its potential, which remains untapped. In the opinion of experts and market analysts, the growing expansion to markets outside Europe makes the future of Polish chemical industry look promising.

Leveling up

The long-term goals of chemical companies in our country include boosting their importance in the domestic manufacturing sector, and increasing the contribution of the chemical sector to the GDP. The activities already initiated and discussed during the debate are the development of export, as well as constant progress, both with regard to manufacturing technology and to solutions aimed at environmental protection.

6 billion for investments

Investment expenditure of the Polish chemical sector in 2013 was estimated at 6 billion PLN. Speakers at the debate believe that the petrochemical project, which is currently developed by Grupa Azoty and Grupa Lotos, is one of the planned investments with the largest potential.