Polish chemical goods stand out in Europe

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Polish chemical industry in 2012 may be summarized using the following data: 11 thousand enterprises active in the business and 131 billion PLN worth of goods sold. The statistics are of paramount importance if one wishes to sum up the condition of the whole domestic economy. However, the possibilities of the industry are yet to be fully tapped.

More chemical products sold

The chemical industry includes three main types of companies:

a) manufacturers of plastic and rubber,

b) manufacturers of pharmaceutical products,

c) enterprises providing chemical substrates and products.

The third group includes “PUŁAWY” and its daughter companies, including GZNF “Fosfory”, Zakłady Azotowe “CHORZÓW”, Agrochem and others.

In 2012 this particular sector sold goods worth 7% more than in 2011, while the average growth across the economy was only 1%. When 29 sectors were compared, manufacturing of chemical substrates and products took the 6th rank. The value of chemical products and substrates sold is almost 58 billion PLN, or 5% of sales in Polish industry.


Export on the increase

Chemical manufacturers come second when it comes to value of national export. In 2012 the chemical sector enjoyed a growth (by almost 5%) of volume of sales abroad, reaching nearly 20 billion EUR. At the same time, there was a sharp drop of imports of chemical products, down to 26 billion EUR.

We can do even better

Polish Chemical sector managed to decrease its foreign trade deficit by over 2.5 billion EUR. The fall resulted from changes on the market resulting from the economic crisis of 2008, when main clients, including the construction and automotive sectors, cut orders. The industry ought to channel its efforts into the development of ready to sell processed goods manufactured in the developed countries. Although Poland is now the 8th largest manufacturer of chemical products in Europe, the potential of domestic producers is much more considerable. This leads to believe in bright future for the sector, with Polish chemical companies becoming more and more visible on European and global markets.