Polish agriculture in the digital era

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Despite stereotypes, Poland is not dragging behind the countries which have started to adjust their economies to the digital times. Some service businesses and branches of heavy industry are as advanced as those in Germany and France. Polish agriculture is also aware of the benefits of updating the technologies used on the farms. Polish countryside does go digital.

IT systems in farming

The future of farming is modern technology and internet. Farmers take advantage of opportunities provided by the IT systems which simplify the daily work. The first such solution in Poland is called RolnikON. It is a comprehensive IT system developed by the experts of Polish Agricultural Institute.

Such systems meet the needs of the farmer today. The agricultural sector is developing at a quick pace, and requires modern solutions, which make it more efficient. RolnikON is a system which provides those tools to anyone who wishes to make farm management easier. Additionally, using the program does not call for special training.

The user is keeping obligatory registers, fills out the required documents, and keeps up-to-date as a result. The system also provides tools for generating VAT invoices, managing the crops, and controlling the revenue and expenditure. Users may access the platform and database via any device with an internet connection, without the need to download and install the software.

Countryside present and active online

Numerous programs concerning the countryside and IT society have appeared in recent years. “POLISH COUNTRYSIDE – INNOVATIVE COUNTRYSIDE” Conference organized by the National Association of Village Mayors was held for the first time in Poznań in 2013. The conference concerned a number of topics related to implementing IT solutions in the rural areas, innovation in agriculture and to promotion of pro-consumer attitudes.

The National Association of Village Mayors is also know for an initiative called “Sołectw@ w sieci”, (Sołectw@ online). This nationwide competition awards the best websites related to the countryside, encouraging the leaders of rural communities to become more active online.