Poland is the European center of food production

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“Poland as an attractive food producer and supplier” Report was presented in Lublin. The latest publication of PUŁAWY Competences Center was issued under the honorary patronage of the Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development as well as Fertilizers Europe.

Metamorphosis of Polish agriculture

Joining the European Union proved a breakthrough moment for Polish agriculture, bringing numerous changes. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development estimates that the value of exportation of Polish food is rising systematically, and it is going to reach at least 25 billion EUR by the end of 2015. We have become a major player on the market and shown how to use agricultural subsidies in the best way possible.

Poland boasts potential and competitive advantage

Thanks to high quality and low price, local products have been enjoying more and more interest from domestic clients as well as international business partners. The exportation figures are constantly rising and exceed the value of food importation, which ought to encourage entrepreneurs to speed up the promotion of Polish brands.

At the moment, when we export much, we need to work on our brands in a more intensive manner, providing security in the future. It is also in the interest of Polish economy to make sure that our agri-food companies reach new markets, including the ones which are very distant.

Developing agriculture further is the objective

The report aims at sparking a discussion about the model of development of Polish agricultural business. The authors of the document stress the fact that agriculture, in cooperation with the food processing industry, is capable of emerging as a strategic sector of the economy, helping other industries grow. This is likely to make Poland develop faster in the years to come.

Preparation of the report involved conducting a sociological survey among agricultural manufacturers. The results proved that farmers are intent on education and improving their skills constantly in order to manage their farms and produce. They are young entrepreneurs who regard agriculture as their business and an opportunity for a lifetime career.

Research conducted by the Institute of Market and Social Research also indicated that Polish farmers were aware of the excellent quality of their products and they perceived it as a competitive advantage over farms from other countries.