Past 6 months in brief

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“Azoty-Puławy” Sports Club enjoyed many successes in the second half of 2012. The club holds the third position after the 12. round in PGNiG Superliga, has reached the Final Four of Polish Cup and 5 players of the Club were invited to play for the National Team.

The achievements followed a major “revolution”: numerous experienced sportspeople were replaced with ambitious young players.

A revolution in the team

Such radical changes often result in deterioration of the team results, or even degradation to a lesser league, especially in the period directly following the change. Fortunately, none of this happened in “Azoty-Puławy” Sports Club, largely thanks to the fact that the exchange of players was well thought-over and spread over time during two seasons.

Smart policy regarding the choice of players led to signing a 3-years’ contract with the leading sponsor. As a result, the budget and at the same time sports objectives can be planned over a perspective longer than one season.

Notka 05 - R. PrzybylskiNew players – new opportunities

Before season of 2011/2012, many highly promising players joined the Club. Newcomers had previously played in youth teams and they are all very ambitious. Transfers to “Azoty – Puławy” SC (Przemysław Krajewski, Paweł Ćwikliński, Rafał Grzybowski, Sebastian Sokołowski, Mateusz Jankowski i Rafał Przybylski) were praised by experts, including such experienced coaches as Bogdan Kowalczyk, Edward Koziński and Marek Motyczyński. Those opinions were confirmed by the performance during the matches, with all six new players contributing to the excellent result of “Azoty-Puławy” in the league and the Polish Cup. Przybylski and Jankowski, similarly to Krzysztof Łyżwa and Piotr Masłowski, who had joined the team earlier, almost made it to the National Team. Krajewski was one of the 16 players who participated in World Championships in Spain, while Sokołowski was called to Team B.

The forecasts of naysayers, who suggested that the team from Puławy would lose without Piotr Wyszomirski, Grzegorz Gowin and Wojciech Zydroń, proved false. Sokołowski, Krajewski and Przybylski took over as valuable players, and at the same time improved the atmosphere in the team.

handball/fot. photopin.comTraining young players

Apart from gaining new and promising players, “Azoty-Puławy” SC does not cease to train its own youth. Over 200 young handball players train in 11 groups, under the watchful eye of seven coaches, including Marcin Kurowski – Piotr Dropek duo, who train the first team. Seven “Azoty-Puławy” SC teams participate in tournaments organized by Lublin Handball Association in all age categories for junior players (aged 9-19). Members of the first team are also involved in training of the youth. One player, Krzysztof Tylutki, coaches by himself one of the two younger junior teams playing in the regional league.

A visit of the National Team coach

Training of young players and perfecting the skills of experienced ones are crucial for the managers of “Azoty-Puławy” SC. The Club invited the coach of the National Team, Michael Biegler, to a series of showcase training sessions. The invitation was received warmly by the coach and the Polish Handball Association. The coach will visit the Club once again after his return from World Championships in Spain.

We are also planning visits of experienced Polish coaches, especially those who can boast having trained members of the National Team, and the specialists from Sports High School in Gdańsk affiliated with the Polish Handball Association.