Our position on the markets after 2012

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The past 12 months' period has been a time of hard work in “PUŁAWY'. We used this time to strengthen our position on the markets and to create conditions in which we might offer the clients high-quality products. At the same time, we were looking for new solutions that would prove attractive for our clients.

Getting stronger in Europe and on a global scale

By itself, “PUŁAWY” have 12% of the urea output capacity of EU enterprises. The company is the second largest producer of urea on the continent, after Yara International from Norway. We are also responsible for 10% of ammonium nitrate and RSM (niter and urea solution) production in the EU, making us the third largest such producer in the region.

This solution (RSM), enriched with sulfur, will soon become an interesting proposal of “PUŁAWY” for the agricultural sector. We have observed than RSM, the fertilizer in liquid form, is becoming more and more popular on the market. In response to this trend and foreseeing a further growth in demand, we are investing in the development of transportation infrastructure and the possibility of stocking niter and ammonia solutions on the purchaser's premises.

Number one in the Polish chemical market/fot. freepik.comShaping the brands for “PUŁAWY” products

Another reaction to consumer demand is a proposal to manufacture urea in granules. This product would be enriched with sulfur and ammonium nitrate, the primary fertilizer used in our climatic zone. Therefore, in 2013 we are launching new products branded PULASKA and PULGRAN. They constitute a part of a new investment called New Fertilizers Complex. Other new brands in our offer shall be: PULAN, PULREA, PULSAR, RSM S, PULMIX, IMPULS, PULSAN, PULNOX, Likam.

Key importance of new technologies

We have been putting increasingly more effort in the development of biotechnological projects. One joint project with Fertilizer Research Institute is especially important from the point of view of the company strategy. The research involves extraction of plant substances in supercritical conditions with CO2 use. Products of this extraction may find broad application in the cosmetic industry, natural medicine and food production.

technology/fot. freepik.comAnother project we became involved in in 2012 is the regeneration of soil degraded during shale gas extraction. The chief objective of this idea is making use of the bailings and the components of drilling fluid used up so as to manufacture a mixture which would improve the quality of the soil. The authors of the solution are proposing to use the residue from the Biological Waste Treatment Plant on “PUŁAWY” premises.

Continuation of numerous investment projects

“PUŁAWY” Group is constantly investing in innovation and environment-friendly technologies. We are currently about to complete the technological start-up of the most modern flue gas desulfurization with wet scrubber (ammonia) installation. It is the first plant of this kind in Europe and the third one in the world. “PUŁAWY” received a grant from EU funds for the completion of this environment-friendly installation.

Upon completion of the venture, alongside with the auxiliary installations and a new chimney, the technology will help reduce air pollution with carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and dust particles by c. 8.6 thousand tonnes per year. This means that the total amount of pollution shall be cut by over 80%!

Expanding our UAN sales network/fot. freepik.comExtensions of “PUŁAWY” Group?

We are not resigning from the policy of development via further takeovers. In this way we will be able to offer our customers a wider choice of products, at the same time making our portfolio more attractive and making the whole “PUŁAWY” Group stronger.