Opolskie in bloom

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The smallest voivodeship in Poland (941,187 ha) is the true leader of agricultural production. Favorable climatic and soil conditions are not the only reason for this achievement.

Domination of the countryside

Rural areas take up c. 92% of the voivodeship and are inhabited by nearly a half of the population of Opolskie. The agricultural sector is promoted and supported by the local government. Consequently, since 1997 we have seen a dynamic program called “Odnowa Wsi” (Countryside Revival), which activates local communities.

Favorable conditions for development

Opolskie voivodeship benefits from a prolonged period of plant vegetation (from 200 to 225 days), mild winters, and good soil with quality grading of 1.06. As much as 498,723 ha of land is cultivated in good agricultural practice. The rating of local agricultural conditions is the highest in Poland and reaches 81.5%. The local agricultural manufacturers know how to make use of such assets. Owing to advanced automation of labor on the farms and the use of artificial fertilizers (191.2 kg per ha – compared to nationwide average of 125.8 kg per ha), farmers from the region enjoy far higher volume of crops that the average (5700 kg per ha – compared to nationwide average of 3700 kg per ha). Consequently, Opolskie boasts a 6 percent share in the production of cereals in Poland.

Attracting investors

Obviously, investors from the food processing sector take interest in Opolskie. A number of companies have already decided to set up their factories in the region, including such corporations and brands as Zott, Nestle, Diamant, Suedzucker Polska and Nutricia. Following smart development of rural areas and modernization of the whole sector, Opolskie voivodeship is one of the fastest-growing regions in Poland.