One thing is certain: changes

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Over the past couple of years, a large majority of enterprises have been functioning in a changeable and unpredictable business environment. Changes concern also the organizations themselves, their ownership structures, business models and strategy of development. There is no such thing as one correct strategy which need not be continually updated and remains valid for ages.

Azoty Group, being a company which continues developing, also needs to revise its strategy. Inclusion of PUŁAWY in the Group involves an expansion of the organization by 40%, with all complex consequences and conditions. The current management model ought to be developed and customized so as to suit the requirements of a truly large (by Polish standards) enterprise, so that resources may be used in the most effective way. The organization needs to keep up with international competition despite unfavorable pricing of basic resources for production. Size of the enterprise does not automatically translate into higher market position. Such privilege requires effort and commitment.

An analysis of various strategies of development adopted by global chemical corporations has revealed that one common strategy cannot be identified. We are dealing with strategies of extending and broadening of various links in the value chain as defined in Porter’s framework. In particular, we need to consider the behavior of producers of fertilizers in the situation of expensive natural gas supply. In this case, companies focus on developing the relationship with end users of their products. They are endeavoring to maintain direct communication with agricultural manufacturers. Product marketing is replaced by customer relations marketing. The strategic goals of such companies are defined by vision and mission, focused on building the value of final users of the products. Those enterprises pay considerable attention to innovation, including innovative customer relations partnership.

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