New perspectives for Polish farmers

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At the start of the implementation of the new Programming Period of EU funds for agriculture, the Minister of Agriculture held a meeting with agricultural entrepreneurs.

Increasing productivity levels

This is one of the primary goals for 2014-2020 in the area of straightening the competitive edge of Polish agriculture. At present, 90% of the food produced in Poland comes from as little as 10% of the farms. Certain modifications in the direct subsidies system are to be introduced in order to improve the productivity of the remaining 90% of farms. The Ministry proposes to increase the pool of financing for the medium-sized farms and for farmers who keep livestock. Also, the small enterprises may apply for a modernization premium of 60,000 PLN, without the need to provide their own financial contribution to the project.

Family matters

One of the elements of the new Programming Period is reinforcing the economy of functioning of the family farms, and making efforts to prevent excessive land ownership concentration. According to data published by Agricultural Property Agency, since 1991 as many as 330,000 farms increased their acreage (by 5.3 hectares on average). Also, most of the land leased by the Agency is in the hands of individual farmers, which makes them more competitive on the market.