New nest for falcons in Puławy

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Swallow has served as a symbol of Grupa Azoty, recognizable in Poland and the world. Peregrine falcons in the sky might soon become a symbol of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY. This is thanks to the couple of birds which picked the chimney of the company combined cycle power plant as their home. This year their lovely abode was revamped.

First chicks in the voivodeship

The booth with the nest appeared on the chimney as far back as in 2006. However, the first chicks hatched seven years later. This was the first documented hatching of peregrine falcons in Lubelskie voivodeship. It appears that more chicks are likely to hatch this year as well.

High level of renovation

The nest of the falcons was given a total makeover. The booth was painted, provided with protection from wind and rain, and the interior was cleaned. In order to renovate the small home of the falcons, it was necessary to seek the help of professionals in working at height. The birds’ nest is situated in a high place that is difficult to reach.

Falcons need to move

The booth is to be removed to a new spot shortly. Once the old chimney has been demolished, the nest will be placed either on the new chimney or on the urea granulation tower. The final decision shall be taken by the Company, following the consultation with “Falcon” Wildlife Association.

Endangered species

As few as 20 pairs of peregrine falcons survive at large in Poland. In 1960′ those predators became almost extinct in the country. However, the offspring of the couple from Puławy is going to contribute to the growth of the population of those rare birds.