New kind of watering

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India is a vast agricultural market, both due to the size of the population, and to the need of providing them with food supply safety. The country is in dire need of new solutions which would raise the efficiency of crops.

Water analysis

Providing adequate water supply is one of the crucial elements of cereals cultivations. However, problems recur with water quality and the regularity of supply. In order to avoid wasting time and money on drilling test intakes of water, it is worth checking if digging in a particular place is justified. This may be done using the water flow scanner, which was invented by Girish Badragond. With this piece of equipment, we may easily test whether the water in a particular place is stationary or there is free inflow and outflow.


Another interesting invention by Badragond is the watering controller. The appliance is useful for controlling remotely the dosage of water applied on the field, bringing considerable savings and making it possible to use the water in the best manner possible. The system is based on solar sensors placed in the soil. They send a signal to the controller, which turns the water pumps on and off. The appliance may also be controlled via a mobile app.