New investments, greater potential

| Prospects & Investment |

There are two large-scale investments undergoing in our plants. What is more, two modern installations are being created at the same time. The first of them will produce our solid fertilizers PULGRAN ® / PULGRAN ® S. The complete complex of logistics and distribution is being built along with the new installation. It will help us to increase our production capacity thanks to modern packaging, storage and handling technology made for the new system.


Fertilizer obtained on the basis of the urea solution, will not be gained by the outdated granular tower method. Thus, this product will be perfect for spreading on a very broad technological paths.


Fertilizer obtained from urea and ammonium sulfate, that provides cultivated plants with nitrogen and sulfur with just a single application. Using it not only to sulfuric plants, but also in other crops common in our climate zone, you can expect very good results of such fertilization.

With our new investment, the annual production capacity of these two fertilizers will be about 160 thousand tons. The structure of fertilizers production will be developed according to market demand. We would like to introduce our products for both the domestic and foreign markets.


The second of the installations emerging in our plant will produce a mixture and ammonium sulfate solution. It will be our two-part liquid fertilizer called PULASKA ®.It provides the cultivated plants with nitrogen and sulfur with a single application. After mixing it 1:1ratio with our other fertilizer called RSM ® we will get a product that is well-known and very common in Germany, France and the UK.

With the new system we will be able to begin the production of these liquid fertilizers – RSM ®, RSM ® S, PULASKA ® that meets market demand. We are going to elasticize the production of liquid chemical products, reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides (AdBlue ® and PULNOx ®), used eg by incinerators, power plants, and cement plants.The second of our investments is at a stage of the installation of large tanks for liquid products.