New fertilizer from “PUŁAWY”

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Thanks to the cooperation of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” and New Chemical Syntheses Institute (formerly Fertilizer Research Institute), a new product is going to be launched. The fertilizer might increase yields by as much as 18%.

Improving quantity and quality

The new fertilizer will be produced in the liquid form. This makes the nutrients in the product more easily absorbed by plants and allows for various manners of application of the fertilizer. Research and observations of test plantations have shown that the fertilizer improves the quantity of crops, and increases the content of vitamin C, chlorophyll and sugars in the cultivated plants.

Acid adaptation

New Chemical Syntheses Institute in Puławy developed and implemented the technology of marking a special kind of acid in the new product. This method is suitable for liquid fertilizers which contain nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and trace elements. It is therefore possible to adjust the contents of the fertilizer in such a way as to make the acid stable in the given environment. Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” is going to make this product containing a biostimulator available on the market in the concentrated form.