New direction of development in the fertilizer-chemical business

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The dynamic growth of agriculture and the increasing role of the sector in the national economy are regarded as a success. At the same time, the changes on the market have stepped up the requirements posed to all participants of the food chain. The fertilizer companies also need to meet the expectations of the market and the users. How can we do it?

Quality first, quantity next

Considerable demand for mineral fertilizers is a constant feature of the Polish agriculture. However, we need to keep in mind the fact that the quantity of fertilizer per hectare ought to be calculated carefully, lest excessive quantity of the product be applied. Consequently, the quality of fertilizer products becomes of primary importance. The policy of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY to develop the product portfolio and improve their quality has proved correct. We have invested in research into new fertilizer mixes with calcium and sulphur (P CaS), as well as phosphorous-potassium mixes with calcium and sulphur (PK CaS).

“Personalized” products

The portfolio of single fertilizers and fertilizer mixes is being developed, but the demand for liquid fertilizers is also rising. The champion of the trend is RSM, a very efficient solution, which may also be customized by adding particular microelements. A custom-made fertilizer could be prepared in this manner, suited to the demand, the soil type and the type of plants.

Beyond fertilizers

In order to meet the requirements of the market, the fertilizer manufacturers will need to focus on increasing the scope of activity. Apart from developing their products, they will need to adapt to the trends in the agricultural market, which is becoming more and more professional. We need to pay particular attention to advisory services and planning. Consequently, the role of such projects as Competences Center is expected to grow.