New Chemical Syntheses Institute invests in science

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New Chemical Syntheses Institute intends to invest in the research concerning “bio-active” substances, which have a marked impact on the human body.

The scientists from Puławy are aiming at the extension of the Supercritical Synthesis Department. It could serve as a lab for the research on new cosmetics and dietary supplements.

New labs to be created

On December 10th, 2014, a tender was announced for the preparation of the facilities customized for the requirements of New Chemical Syntheses Institute and for conducting this type of research activity. A bidder which fulfills all the conditions of the tender and comes up with the most advantageous solutions, shall be given the task of creating a modern lab, starting from the construction of the necessary installations, via providing the furniture and fittings in the room. The contract is estimated to be worth 10 million PLN.

New jobs

The extension of the labs of Puławy Science-Technology Park provides an opportunity to create new posts for scientist. The research offer attracted the interest of two commercial companies: a producer of medical equipment Balton and Inframed, a company interested in technological solutions for industry. What is more, a part of the new facility will be equipped with servers and will become a modern data center.

The investment aimed at increasing the capacity of Puławy Science-Technology Park is going to cost about 30 million PLN. EU funds will provide most (90%) of the financing, while the Ministry of Treasury will also contribute to the budget of the investment. The town of Puławy will cover the remaining cost.

Modernization of ammonia production installation with the help of New Chemical Syntheses Institute

Another example of the Institute investing in research is an agreement signed on December 10th, 2014 between NCSI and Grupa Azoty POLICE. The contract concerns the modernization of ammonia production installation. The project is going to help increase and optimize the production in the next few years’ time. The modernization may be interpreted as a reaction of Grupa Azoty to the global shortage of ammonia and the rising prices of the resource. The whole investment is worth about 156 million PLN, while the completion of the project is scheduled in the summer of 2016.

Apart from the modernization of ammonia production installation in Police, Grupa Azoty intends to conduct various research projects and implement modern technological solutions. Thanks to the agreement, we are going to launch modern and the most efficient kinds of ammonia manufacturing installations. In the future, this is certain to benefit the Group as a whole – said the Chairman of Grupa Azoty, Paweł Jarczewski.

Speaking at the 10th “Petroleum/Chemistry” Conference, the Minister of Treasury Włodzimierz Karpiński said that Poland as a brand is becoming stronger and gaining importance in Europe. He believes that initiating our own research and producing patented production methods improves the value of the national brand. He remarked that in the new EU financing framework, 1/7 of the budget has been allocated to R&D. It is for this reason that investment in scientific infrastructure is so important, and effective cooperation of the scientific world with the leading Polish industrial enterprises is crucial.