New challenges for Azoty Group

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I have been given a crucial task – that of development of one of the largest chemical companies in Europe, a strategic Polish industrial corporation.

Consolidation from within

We shall start by harmonizing work inside Azoty Group. It is vital to create an efficient model of the functioning in the Group, the best practices and common organizational culture, and at the same time to maintain the local identity of each member of the Group.

Extending portfolio, creating new opportunities

The second task, development of our product range, is absolutely crucial. In order to remain competitive, the Group needs to continue responding to customers’ needs. We are currently in the process of acquiring two large enterprises: Organika-Sarzyna, which produces pesticides, and Siarkopol. Thanks to taking over the latter company, the Group may have the opportunity to gain access to sulfur, an important resource in the production of fertilizers. It is an important component of our strategy to obtain own resources, which facilitate efficient and cheaper manufacturing and make it easier to compete on international markets. By vigorous and effective activity that strengthens and expands the functioning of the Group, we would like to show to the shareholders that consolidation of the Polish chemistry makes business sense.

CSR of Azoty

Our work must not be limited to business-oriented activities only. We also support the development of local communities, concentrated around locations of plants belonging to the Group. Our priority is to ensure that economic growth is accompanied by growth of human capital. Consequently, during the consolidation procedures, we will collect the best practices so as to compile a common Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. The policy ought to respond to the needs of the local environments in which we work. It will not only take into consideration the possibility of direct support of local communities, but also activities for the environment and food safety.

Nec Hercules contra plures…

or stronger in a Group. This is the essence of values which the Capital Group cherishes. Seeing what is the potential of the Group, the second largest chemical company in Europe, development of global importance of Azoty Group is indispensable. We want more than a leading position on European markets, our plans go much farther…