New Blog of Pulawy’s Company starts… now

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Few people are aware that the Pulawy’s Company employs nearly 3,500 people! We are one of the largest chemical companies in Poland. For many years the plant in Pulawy developed a high position on the European and World markets. It encouraged us to become even more present on the Internet.

Our company is on the market

We will present our company, employees of Pulawy’s Company on our blog, as well as we will share information regarding the functioning of the company. By creating this blog we want to be known and to help answer the question of what makes our plants unique and built their strength, both on Polish and global markets. We want the blog of Pulawy’s Company to be a source of information about the current situation of the chemical industry. What is more, we want it to include an analysis of our specialists on the fertilizer sector in Europe and the World, as well as explain the nature of their production and finally, we would like to introduce our offer.

Activity of Pulawy’s Company in Poland and around the World

Pulawy’s Company are also active in the social field, supporting the local community, sports clubs, and interesting cultural initiatives. We use our energy in a variety of actions and projects. We try to combine the focus on business objectives, with attention to the society in which we operate.

The Past and the Present of Pulawy’s Company

We hope that through this blog anyone interested will be able to see how, does the Pulawy’s Company work, what are their plans for the future, and what is the foundation, on which they build their position. We would like to show a wide range of Internet users, what makes a plant in Pulawy, belong to the European leaders in the chemical industry. We believe that we will provide you with a lot of interesting information about our company, that will of your interest, and you will be able learn many new things about our company.

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