Modern farming guarantees food supply safety

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Although agricultural production technology is highly developed in most European Union countries, there remains the need to implement new solutions to ensure food supply safety. The challenge is especially important seeing that in 2010-2012 the EU imported food constituting the equivalent of 30 million hectares of cultivated farmland, but exported only 5 million.

Promoting effective farms

The latest scientific research shows that focusing on the efficiency of agricultural production is one of the best methods preventing food shortages. Efficiency involves more harvested cereals, using modern equipment and pesticides, adequate choice and application of fertilizers, and using the most modern seeds. Thanks to productive agriculture, the EU might reduce the need to import food, boost the average income of the European farmer, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

We can do more together

One response to the current needs of European agriculture is creating an agrocluster. The idea was put forward by Grupa Azoty CEO Paweł Jarczewski at COPA COGECA Congress in 2012. The concept means connecting the potentials of companies manufacturing agricultural machines, pesticides, fertilizers, etc., of farmers and the food processing sector. This could bring about synergistic effect, which might help boost the efficiency of European farming and make it more competitive.

Knowledge is the key

In order to work towards efficiency and competitiveness, we need the know how concerning new technologies in agriculture. Knowledge will also bring about a change of mentality and more openness to the application of new solutions. Education of farmers may be done in agricultural counseling centers and places integrating the knowledge and experience of agricultural producers, representatives of industry and scientists acting together towards the creation of new, improved solutions. Competences Center established by Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” is an example of such initiative. Thanks to such activities, aiming at improving efficiency of farms and connecting potentials, the EU may be able to increase food supply safety levels on the continent.