Minister of Treasury at Polska Chemia Congress

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Polska Chemia 2014 Congress was held on June 12th and 13th, 2014 in Puławy Science and Technology Park. It was one of the most important events in the Polish chemical sector this year. The special guests of the Congress were the Minister of Treasury Włodzimierz Karpiński and Kurt Bock Ph.D, the Chairman of BASF SE and of the European Council of Chemical Industry.

A visit to Our Works

On the second day of Polska Chemia Congress the participants were able to visit the premises of Grupa Azoty “PUŁAWY” plant. They were shown how particular installations function and which latest technologies are used in the production processes.

Innovation matters

At Polish Chemical Industry and the Economy of the European Union debate, the Minister of Treasury spoke about the need for innovation in Polish and European industry. He also emphasized the fact that “It is necessary to look for competitive advantages. Once we have used up such options as simple capital accumulation and acquisitions, we need to promote intelligent solutions”. Mr Karpiński added that it was the kind of policy which EU promotes, despite the fact that the implementation of this idea remains poor, with respect to Polish economy in particular.

Crucial meaning of scientific research

Kurt Bock Ph.D., the Chairman of BASF SE and of the European Council of Chemical Industry, said that he believed it was necessary “to strive towards the development of the so-called green industry, as environmentally-friendly activities will bring faster growth for the sector”. Another goal ought to be the improvement of the efficiency of production. Mr Bock drew the attention of the audience to the importance of shale gas deposits search and excavation in Poland. BASF SE Chairman also shared his opinion that all European countries need to work towards improving their R&D potential, which is going to translate into a strong position of the whole continent on the global market.