Merry Christmas!

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We have been waiting for Christmas for quite some time now, and the holiday is about to come. As usual, most of us will spend the festive season with their nearest and dearest, relaxing and pondering on the year which is about to end. I would like to take this opportunity to wish our blog readers a Merry Christmas on my own behalf as well as on the behalf of the whole Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY staff. May these special days fill you with peace and joy, while the time spent with the family give you plenty of energy to start 2016 in good spirits.

The holiday season and the upcoming ending of 2015 have been providing an opportunity to sum up the activity of Our Works. 2015 abounded in events which are likely to make considerable impact on the future of Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY. The main developments include the inauguration of a grand investment plant, which involves the construction of three major facilities: the Puławy Power Plant, an Installation for Mechanical Granulation of Fertilizers and an Installation for Nitric Acid Production. The joint value of the investments is going to reach 2.2 billion PLN. We are also taking pride in the inauguration of the New Fertilizer Complex, which was opened in mid-October.

Coupled with excellent financial results of the Company, the investments have certainly helped us to look forward to 2016 with optimism. I remain hopeful that it will be a good time for Our Company, Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY, as well as the Capital Group as a whole.