Marketing PUŁAWY in the right way

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Our success stems from activity in a number of areas. However, it is the marketing policy which deserves a special mention. Marketing tools are targeted at both the present and the future clients of “PUŁAWY” Company.

Firstly: a recognizable brand

The primary communication task of our enterprise is imprinting the “PUŁAWY” brand in the minds of businesspeople and the general public. This goal may be achieved thanks to various marketing strategies. For instance, we issue a specialist magazine called “Agrolider”, which publishes findings of local agricultural research institutes. We also organize many conferences and meetings summing up the cooperation in fertilizers and chemical sectors.


Secondly: distribution

Producing goods attractive for the customers and publicizing the brand is not enough, however. Another essential task is making sure the products are actually available to buy in convenient locations for the client. This is possible thanks to our extensive distribution chain. Its participants boast specialized infrastructure, experience and are trusted by the end users. “PUŁAWY” cooperate with reliable distributors who guarantee professional and timely service.


Thirdly: working for the brand

Yet another premise of our marketing policy is the activity in areas not directly related to manufacturing and selling of goods. Due to this reason, “PUŁAWY has got its representatives in such international organizations as Fertilizers Europe, The European Petrochemical Association, Eidgenössische Materialprüfungs- und Forschungsanstalt, The International Fertilizer Industry Association, Nylon-6 Promotional Group and European Chemical Industry Council. As a result, “PUŁAWY” are constantly gaining more business know-how, allowing us to promote the company’s activity and participate in initiatives concerning international trade. We may this continue improving the quality of our services, which brings positive result, and those mainly benefit the client.