Lublin Airport – a hope for the regional economy

| Prospects & Investment |

Passengers are increasingly interested in traveling to and from Lublin Airport. Therefore, its authorities have decided to increase the capacity of the port.

Seeking sources of financing

The authorities of the voivodeship intend to gain additional resources which can be included in the investment budget of the airport near Lublin. Plans include both the extension of the passenger terminal, and flight safety improvement by upgrading the category of ILS system, which helps to guide planes in bad weather. The authorities are planning to develop the port’s activity in cargo shipments, aware of the potential of this sector of transportation.

New connections, new passengers

In 2016 Lublin Airport intends to service 410,000 – 440,000 passengers. Last year the number of travelers in Świdnik grew by 40%! If all regional airports are taken into consideration, the airport near Lublin is one of the fastest-growing. At the moment, it is developing very quickly and shows good perspectives for the future, especially in the context of the growing interest in passenger air travel in Poland.

Improving accessibility

The news received warm welcome from the inhabitants of the region as well as local entrepreneurs. For us, a company which is active on the international markets, an airport near the Works will make it easier to communicate with potential and existing business partners.