Lubelskie benefits from EU membership

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The past 10 years, when Poland has been a member of the European Union, have brought significant changes for the economy of Lubelskie voivodeship. Since 2004 we have been observing not only the development of infrastructure in our region, but also increased activity of local communities wishing to see the transformation of the place where they live.

Development of Eastern Poland

“Lublin” Airport in Świdnik, a bridge on the Vistula Rives in Kamień, a sports center in Parczew, the local section of bicycle “motorway” of the Eastern Poland and the municipal stadium in Lublin all serve as examples of investments conducted over the last decade and co-financed from EU funds. The resources from EU budget help to improve the lives of local communities, as well as provide assistance for commercial enterprises. During the period in which Poland has belonged to the European Union, Grupa Azoty “Puławy” has used EU subsidies to run a series of modernization projects, such as the flue gas desulphurization plant.

Benefits for the farmers

Agricultural manufacturers have received as much as 10 billion PLN in direct subsidies since 2004. This influx of funds has helped modernize farms, boosting their efficiency. Good use of EU financing mechanisms has made it possible to spend almost 7 billion PLN on projects developing the infrastructure and other investments! As a result, Lubelskie voivodeship, which also enjoys good climate and soil conditions, may strengthen its position on the agricultural production market, also in comparison with other EU regions.

Social development

Using assistance and support of the European Social Fund, over 10,000 individuals have managed to open their own businesses. The aid consisted of purchasing the equipment necessary for such small enterprises. Experts agree that thanks to EU subsidies and the improvement of competitive edge of businesses and their efficiency, Lubelskie managed to cope with the global economic crisis quite well, just like the rest of our country.