Local initiatives give an advantage in the economy

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Local food centers are gaining an increasing role in the USA. They bring together local agricultural manufacturers, distributors and marketing services providers.

Wider access to the market

Thanks to the existence of such organizations, many agricultural manufacturers, mainly the owners of small farms, enjoy easier access to the market. The centers offer an opportunity to gain new clients in the region and in other states, which would be impossible if farmers were to do it without such organized assistance.

Benefits for the whole sector

The existence of local food centers is important not only for the producers, but for the consumers as well. “Buy local” concept helps reduce the cost of shopping and handling, while goods are stored for shorter periods of time, and maintain high quality. Creating such centers gives a boost to the local economy, creating new jobs and space for developing this business modes. There are currently about 168 centers of this kind in the USA.

Importance for the nation

The development of local food centers is also important due to the present situation on the agricultural and food markets. Competition from China and Brazil has become more pressing, which makes it even more necessary to pursue the local form of supporting the farmers. American economy may only benefit from the scheme. Creating a bond between agricultural manufacturers and customers on a local level has direct influence on customer choices made daily in grocery shops.