Latest food security trends

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World Food Programme is a well-known organization to all the people interested in food security. One of United Nations’ agencies, it specializes in fighting hunger in the world.

Food security and climate talks

Climate change and food security are invariably connected. Global warming, disruption of water management and natural disasters are bound to make an impact on food security. Thus the topic surfaced at the climate change conference. COP21 was an important event for World Food Programme, arming it with an official mandate for combating hunger.

Global role of WFP

The main task of the Agenda was to provide counsel to delegates participating in the summit. Also, it was asked to create strategies that help the authorities of particular countries to act where hunger has become a very realistic threat.

Building a responsible approach

Making the decision-makers and the public aware of the correlation between climate change and food security is crucial. The struggle with hunger is commonly sidelined, with primary importance granted to “hard” security issues, such as energy supply security or military security.
The presence of the main Agenda charged with fighting hunger at such an important conference is likely to bring about greater awareness and importance of food security in the international debate.