Konrad the Gold Medalist

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Konrad Czerniak, a swimmer at “Wisła Puławy” Sports Club, has achieved great results at open international Spain Championships (25 m). “PUŁAWY” Company has supported “Wisła Puławy” Sports Club for years, thus the success of the Polish athlete makes us especially proud.

The swimmer, who is trained by Bartosz Kizierowski, won as many as 8 golden medals in the tournament organized in Palma de Mallorca! He won four individual competitions: (50 and 100 m freestyle and 50 and 100 meters butterfly) and four relay competitions (4 x 50 and 4 x 100 m freestyle and 4 x 50 and 4 x 100 m medley). The Silver Medalist at World Championships in 2011 won the 50 m butterfly race with 0.31 sec lead before Juan Rando Galvez. During the 100 m competition Czerniak proved faster than Ashwin Wildeboer by almost a second, completing the race with 51.43 sec result, which is even better than his 51.65 sec at European Championships.

Konrad the Gold Medalist/fot. freepik.comCzerniak's performance as C.N. Metropole Gran Canaria swimmer contrasts sharply with ranks from the European Championships in Chartres, where he did not win any medals. The pupil of “Wisła Puławy” Sports Club is preparing for future tournaments and we wish him all the best!